Purification columns

When using analysis methods such as HPLC, GC and LC-MS/MS, purification of the sample is of great importance.

For the sample clean-up / purification for mycotoxin analysis, we offer IAC and SPE columns. Immunoaffinity columns (e.g. RIDA®, EASI-EXTRACT®, PREP®) enable efficient mycotoxin clean-up for all kinds of commodities prior to HPLC, LC-MSMS or ELISA. PuriTox solid phase extraction columns enable mycotoxin clean-up prior to TLC, HPLC, GC or LC-MSMS.

Immunoaffinity columns

Immunoaffinity columns (IAC) are the standard method of choice for sample preparation of mycotoxins prior to HPLC, GC and LC-MS/MS. They are the ideal clean-up tools for the analysis of complex or colored food and feed samples. Monoclonal antibodies selectively isolate and concentrate the mycotoxin of interest, removing any interfering components from the sample. This highly specific clean-up removes interference and results in a clean eluate which removes the need to use matrix matched or isotopic labelled standards. It improves chromatography and ultimately lowers limits of detection. R-Biopharm offers IACs produced by their partner R-Biopharm Rhône. R-Biopharm Rhône IACs are recognized in official methods from AOAC and CEN, exceeding specifications and EU Method Performance Criteria.

Solid phase extraction columns

Solid phase extraction columns (SPE) contain solid adsorbents which bind to interfering components and pigments. Thus, the columns reduce background interference, therefore producing better chromatography and improving accuracy of results. The PuriTox products by R-Biopharm Rhône allow a simultaneous detection of multiple mycotoxins, offering a simple, fast and cost-effective screening method.

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